Real Estate Retirement Options

REAL TALK: Age in Place or Find a New Place?

At some point you will need to decide where you will spend your golden years. It’s never too early to start pondering your housing options. Your personal needs and desires should both play a role in the decision that you make because retirement is your time to relax and enjoy.

Remaining in your current home is one way to spend your retirement. This way you can continue to live in familiar surroundings. In a recent poll conducted by Money magazine, this was the most popular option among baby boomers. Some experts have termed this “aging in place.”

You might, however, feel driven to age elsewhere. Retirement is an ideal time to relocate since there are probably fewer things tying you down compared to other stages in your life. In the same subscriber poll, moving in order to live closer to adult children was baby boomers’ second most popular retirement choice. Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail for help with any of your real estate needs. Also don’t hesitate to refer me to anybody you know who may be looking to buy or sell a home