6 Activities of Successful Real Estate Agents

Successful Cedar City Real Estate Agents

There are a lot of real estate agents who seem to be struggling right now and a lot of it is can be in their head. Everyone thinks that the grass is greener on the other side. Some may say that if they were in a different city then the market would be different and could be better.

This begs the question, why are successful people successful no matter where they are. The majority of successful real estate agents focus there time and energy on 6 activities:

  1. Generating Leads
  2. Following Up
  3. Showing Properties
  4. Taking Listings
  5. Writing Contracts
  6. Negotiating

Every real estate agent should be prospecting and generating new leads. Everything starts from here. If an agent is prospecting everyday then everything else will follow into place. Some agents may say that they do not have any homes to show or contracts to write.

Then prospect and get yourself out there. Let people know who you are and what is going on. You have to get in front of their face. People buy real estate from people and sign contracts with people. However this does not mean you have to become a nuisance and spam people with advertising from you that they did not ask for.

If you are a successful prospector and lead generator then you will always have success. This is by far the most important thing that all real estate agents need to know how to do exceptional and yet the majority have no idea what or where to start.

Here is a website that will help real estate agents in the prospecting and lead generation activities.


Real Estate Agents in Cedar City (not salespeople)

Real Estate Agents in Cedar City

Real estate agents are supposed to be constantly looking out for their clients best interest. Agents do not need to be salespeople and talk like they are selling something. I know what you might be thinking, as a real estate agent we sell homes and property of course we are salespeople.

If as a real estate agent you think of yourself as a salesmen then you will more than likely act like a salesmen. People do not like salesmen for certain reasons. The highest reason is “People do not like to be SOLD”.

It is better if people sell themselves rather than a salesmen selling them something. In real estate you have the property that is doing the selling.

Remember why people buy real estate:

  1. Place to live
  2. Price
  3. Location

These are the selling factors that people must weigh their decision on before purchasing real estate. As real estate agents we are more than just a salesmen.

Real estate agents are representatives who represent the best interests of other people. They are to understand the market, the laws and regulations, the contracts, and most importantly the agent and client relationship.

There is so much more to being a real estate agent that most people do not know about. In reality a real estate agent is not a salesmen he is a clent representative.

The main question is how do you define yourself as a realtor. The way you handle yourself and the way you conduct yourself will be the way that people look at you and make decisions about what they think of you and if they want you to represent them.

As a consumer who is looking to purchase real estate you will want to look for someone who understands the code of ethics and is very good at understanding their agent to client relationship.

As a real estate agent defining who you are is the most important thing you can do and should be decided as soon as you step into the real estate industry.

So as a real estate agent think to yourself, how do I define myself to others?

As Cedar City real estate agents we are always looking out for our clients best interest and feel it a pleasure to do business with such great people.

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