Stainless appliance package

The most popular in appliance package are the Stainless which refers to the expensive STEEL appliances. Not to be confused with the “faux” stainless look. This can easily be tested by placing a magnet on the product if it sticks or not. For refrigerators these days most are larger than the refrigerators years ago. Plan on about $1,000 for this item. Some can be purchases for less, say for instance you are buying them as a package or price comparing.  A 30″ range will be $650.00 and up. I have seen some as high as $1,400 for a confectioner style with all the bells and whistles. $600.00 and up for Dishwasher and count on $300.00 or more for the microwave.

Allot of this depends on basic or all the “bells and whistles” models.

Washer and dryers are ever changing, personally I use 2 or 3 settings so paying for more seems and expense that may not be needed. A steam option in the dryer would be nice, I would pay more for the dryer.

Remember to recycle or donate the old items. As a donation, most churches will come and pick up your item and you get a tax deduction.




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