Southern Utah University

Cedar City Utah is home to the fastest growing university in Utah, Southern Utah University (SUU). Southern Utah University was founded in 1897. SUU offers education in many different fields including humanities, business, science, education, social sciences, performing arts, and more.

SUU offers bachelors, masters, and associate degrees along with an honors program. With Cedar City being the home of the Shakespearean Festival and known as the city of festivals, Southern Utah University hosts numerous lectures, plays, musicals and operas.

There are currently over 7000 students that are enrolled at SUU. SUU is a smaller school in the NCAA but does have athletic events for the NCAA Division 1 athletics. There are many athletes that come to Southern Utah University to play because of the great commradory around the school and the students helping each other.

There are many Southern Utah University students that continue their education as the acceptance rates rise for those who are accepted into graduate schools. SUU is continually expanding as more students come to the school for the rise and expansion in new degrees.

Southern Utah University has a great heritage as Cedar City was settled by pioneers who worked hard and loved education. SUU is a big part of the Cedar City real estate market as it draws people in from all over the United States. As more people come to the university, more students are staying in Cedar City to live which is great to increase the size and growth of Cedar City real estate.

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