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Selling Cedar City Real Estate in a Down Market

Selling Cedar City Real Estate in a Down Market

As Cedar City real estate agents we are confronted daily with sellers who need to sell their Cedar City home for various reasons. Some need to sell their home due to a relocation. Sometimes sellers refer to appraisals they had 2 years ago.

Today’s real estate values are very volatile and appraisals are only accurate for 60 days. You may feel your home is worth more than you can sell it at in today’s market. On the flip side of the coin, you will receive the benefits of purchasing your next home in a great buyers market or ”down market”.

Prices of real estate constantly fluctuate up and down and sometimes they go up fast and some times they go down fast. Lately the price of real estate has gone down and is a perfect time for buyers to be looking to purchase at a great deal.

However for the ones who are looking to sell, right now is a good time to sell with so many buyers looking but if you are in a bind and need to sell fast and keep the price high then you will struggle.

Fair market value will constantly be changing and so those who are looking to sell real estate in a down market have to realize that things could change tomorrow.

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