Video Spokesperson on the Web

Real Estate Video Marketing

We have recently found a new company that is in pre-launch and helping every online business owner improve lead generation and improving the way we interact with our customers online. The new company is called IUSHER.

IUSHER has a bunch of new software tools that they have created to make it possible for a website owner to record themselves either through audio or video and give their website a voice. The video spokesperson application is my favorite and it really does give a internet business owner the ability to speak their customers when they come or leave the website.

Their are a lot of people that are looking at Cedar City real estate and this new company will allow us to interact more with our customers as well as capture more leads so that we can help more types of people find Cedar City homes.

This will help a lot of real estate agents increase online sales as well as be able to see what their customers are really looking for with an exit survey.

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