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According to Mike Ferry, an expert real estate coach and who is regarded as an iconic trainer and educator in this industry published a report in August 2014 which got people thinking. In the report, Ferry argued that the new real estate agents should choose to either work with the buyers or the sellers as most of them lacked the full skills package of working efficiently with both. At first look at this report, you would not see the sense in it as there are many real estate agents that are skillful at handling the both ends of the deal: as a buyer and seller agent. After you reread it, the observations start being accurate and revealing, and you’ll come to see how I am primed to do both as your premiere Real Estate Agent in Cedar City.

Best Real Estate Agent in Cedar City Practices

In the report, he believes that the skills of a buyer agent are completely different from those of the agent working on the listings. It is not disputable that they both have the basic skills of a salesperson: management of time, following up on possible leads, qualification abilities, presentation abilities and many more skills.

From then on, the skills set to follow different paths. This is because how to best present to a seller is not the way to present to a seller if you would like them to sign a contract. It is necessary for the agent to declare which side to work with as they are not willing to learn both skills as they are too vast. Therefore, by choosing one skill and practicing on it very well, you would get to learn the other in future.

To support this theory, just look at the number of agents who fail to close even one deal. The numbers run into hundreds of thousands showing that they lack the skills of doing either job. In most areas, the agents even fail to renew their licenses after their first year. According to market estimates as per now, it is said about 10 percent of real estate agents conduct 90 percent of this business.

Real Estate Agent in Cedar City Job Descriptions

The successful agent teams have both the buyer specialists as well as the listings specialists. Their job descriptions totally confirm the differences and why it is hard to do the both jobs. Let us take a look at their roles.

Cedar City Real Estate Listing Agent

This position involves being responsible right from the onset: from the original contract with the client during listing of the property. This person is obligated to follow up with the listing until its sale. The duties of a listing specialist include: preparation of listing packages, completing the listing contracts, arrangement of property photos, and information entry in the MLS, arranging the showings, and initiating the closing process. The specialist is also responsible for coming up with a marketing plan, the pricing strategy, educating the seller on the process, as well as protecting and negotiating for the seller’s interest. Individual skills include strong presentation, negotiation and selling skills, and also good prospecting and follow up. These are essential skills to have as a listing real estate agent in Cedar City.

Cedar City Real Estate Buyers Agent

This position entails following up on leads received and also prospecting for buyers. Any buyer research has to research for properties in the MLS, preview the properties, schedule for property showing to qualified clients, and then help them to evaluate and compare the different homes. The buyer specialist should be able to write up an offer, present it and also negotiate on them with the client. This requires a high rapport building, great communication skills, great listening, interacting and consistently following up.

As you compare these two descriptions, they do not virtually overlap apart from having great negotiation skills and conducting regular follow ups on the leads.

The best salespeople have some behavioral traits and one core value. This is evident from the DISC assessment by Target Training International. These two behavioral traits are high scores in Dominance as well as Influencing factors. In addition to this, they also have a high score in the Utilitarian factor on the DISC assessment.

When translated into English, the high score on Dominance proves that the agent has a high self-drive to get things done. They even handle rejection very well. Someone with a high score on the influencing factor indicates that he has good people skills. People who have high utilitarian scores are then practical and also bottom line oriented. This combination is only present in less than five percent of the total population.

A successful and less successful Real Estate Agent in Cedar City listing specialist can be compared to entrepreneurs and technicians, the difference between this is that the entrepreneur is able to generate new business but the technician is only good at delivering the perfect services.

A successful listing agent is able to prospect for new listings and with his/her great people skills, meeting a new client will not be a problem to them as well as bounce easily from setbacks. This is in contrast to a less successful agent who lacks this positive drive and emotional resilience for this job. They are good at providing great services after they receive these listings.

With these facts, it would be better for someone to choose one line of being an agent and perfect on it as per their greatest probability of success.