Our Listing Services Presentation is Bar None

Services we stand above the rest on is listing presentation.

We take terrific care in our listing presentations. I see daily homes listed with our competitors with photos taken quickly with a phone. It just makes sense to take time with proper lighting and other factors to have the home looking it’s best to the buyer. First impression, if you are the client looking for a home, what are you going to be drawn to? Great photos and lots of them.

Home of Aesthetics

Please no unkempt bathroom photos!

Be honest with home descriptions. You can’t make a Volkswagen in a Cadillac with a few words. Don’t embellish. The buying public is savvy and will not appreciate a waste of their time viewing a home that states what it is not.

We work as team with you. Your help as a seller is required.

Dirty, messy homes, first impressions are the only chance you will get.

Staging has become also so important not only will it give purpose to the room, but also allow the buyer to envision this home as their home.

Can’t say this one enough! Do not over price your home. We go to great lengths to give or sellers a concise market range for sale. This is based on many factors. We hear several times a week at least, “I do not want to give my home away”. By pricing above current market value you will have no showings for one, and no offers secondly. Over pricing will offer the seller no results and huge disappointments.

As a seller offer an incentive. Maybe closing costs paid or other that will set your home above the competition.

Do your part. Have the home in good condition, everything working and looking great.

Photo Credit: apple_photo

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