Cedar City is in Iron County

Iron County Real Estate

Cedar City is in Iron County which got its name after iron deposits were found throughout that part of the region. The Mormon leader Brigham Young sent volunteers to colonize the Iron Mission area.Cedar City also has a lot of what people call Cedar Trees ( which are actually Juniper Trees). After the iron factory was set up it was the first iron factory west of Missouri. Due to some problems that the small blast furnace had at the iron factory along with hostility between some of the settlers and Indians the factory was shut down 7 years later.

Mining continued after the factory had shut down and continued to play a role in the economy through WWII. A neighboring community had some of the biggest mines in the country and was called Minersville. While there is not much mining that takes place in Cedar City anymore, people will always look to Cedar City Utah as the first place out west to mine and process iron.

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