Helicopter flight school

New sights and sounds in Cedar City over the last couple of weeks have been Helicopters! One of our newest business’ Upper Limits Aviation.

Upper Limit Aviation, based in Salt Lake City will offer instruction for helicopters and eventually airplanes. The flight school will partner with Southern Utah University and students will earn an associate degree through SUU where class-work will take place, while Upper Limit will conduct labs at the airports in the form of flight-school training. 

According to Gordon Birch VP of this company there are 7,000 unfilled positions for helicopter pilots in the Gulf of Mexico area alone.  Additionally, China will open its airspace and in the natural resources area there will be a need for 22,000 additional pilots in that region.

Upper Limit Aviation is currently operating in partnership with Salt Lake Community College and Birch said the curriculum for the school and associates degree program is already in place for SUU to approve and work into their system so that it should be a smooth installment of the new degree.  He added that SUU had been very helpful and their discussions were professing nicely.

The inaugural SUU class of flight school will start with between 30 to 50 students, but Birch said that the number should reach the capacity of 250 students per class in about three years.

Interesting things happening in our community…..


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