Do Carpet Credits Help Sell a Home?

A question that we run into as Realtors in Cedar City is, do carpet credits help sell a home? And our answer is always the same…

Carpet Credits do not help sell your home

From and Real Estate professional point of view, a carpet credit will not assist you to sell your home.

Think, CLEAN! It’s that simple, you only have seconds when a buyer walks through your home to make a great impression.

I think stating a $3,000 carpet allowance on this listing, states right there is an issue and possible brings attention to other issues in the home. Often time, just cleaning the carpets will help hugely.

do carpet credits help sell a home

It doesn’t work because once people see filthy, pet stained carpet, they don’t buy the house period unless it is a super discount of well over the cost of replacing carpet.

The cost of replacement now goes through the mind of the buyer, several thousand dollars, with more work to be done.

Many areas where there is carpet in the home will not be replaced with carpet by the new owner. If there is nice fresh clean carpet there, they will buy the house and change some areas to wood later. But if there is dirty filthy carpet there then they have to come up with the money right away to put wood, and that is usually not practical for many people buying a home.

If you have filthy carpet then you have to replace it with clean carpet. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on that carpet for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that the buyer may cut it out and throw it away in short order in some, but not all, of the places where you put it. You need a nice clean blank canvass that someone can live with for two to five years. This apply for the average homes seller, condos, apartments and rental properties.

Photo Credit: Renato Ganoza

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