Investing in Distressed Real Estate in Cedar City

investing in cedar city real estate

Real estate has always been and still is one of the greatest investment opportunities. Even with this, this industry is very risky and property owners sometimes find themselves in tricky situations without any idea on how to find a solution. This is where we need to come in and rescue them, and in return, you might find yourself being offered a nice deal.

At times, these problems occur due to simple missteps, but many are as a result of other factors. It could just arise one day out of the blue, or could have been festering for years. Below are some of the most common real estate problems people suffer from, that you need to be aware of when investing in distressed real estate in Cedar City.

1. Title Problems with Cedar City Real Estate

This is one of the major problems as the title holds the authority to that property making it hard to sell or get cash from it. Some problems are as a result of liens, taxes, deaths etc. Clearing this up is a mess and getting a clean title would open up a lot of deals on making money that others would pass over as difficult.

Though this may be music to your ears, clearing title issues could be time-consuming as there is a lot of negotiation required. Therefore, brace yourself for some lengthy talks.

2. Problems with Code Enforcement in Iron County

Code enforcement is a real struggle in some jurisdictions. The huge fines and the bureaucratic procedures can provide a mess on things. The only solutions would be to know your way through the bureaucratic process which can be daunting, even in a place like Cedar City.

3. Probate Problems

In real estate procedures, death before closure of the deal or transfer or property could lead to bad investment. It ties up the property for years especially where other family members as well as money are involved. If you have the knowledge on the probate process for Cedar City and Iron County or where you want to invest, this would help you become a good listener and negotiator which can lead to lucrative investments.

4. Fire Problems

There are other disasters that happen with and without control of the property owner, one of them being fire. Fire destroys anything in its way and can render the investment worthless. You should be able to solve this problem. Buy property as it is no matter the condition. This can only be done by those who are experienced in this as the new investors may find it difficult.

5. Trash and Junk

There are people who are hoarders and just do not throw away anything. They let things pile up for a long time. Over the years, they get embarrassed to do anything and just hide away as they hope the problem will go away after some time. For such people, be there to solve this problem. Do not be judgmental but just take the property as it is.

To get people out of their tricky real estate problems may not be easy. It will require patience as it is time consuming, and specialized knowledge. However the gains may surpass your expectations. Investing in real estate requires you to be a problem solver. Therefore, learn on how to be one and you will sure reap the rewards.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Levine

October Activities in Cedar City

Utah Shakespeare Festival Twelfth Night, Boeing Boeing and Sherlock Holmes, visit for details. Robinson family pumpkin patch at 1450 W. industrial Rd. Pumpkins ate .25 a pound and corn too. Judd pumpkin patch in Paragonah, 314 E 270 N. Downtown farmers market Oct. 8th Hoover Ave. and 100 W. 4-7pm. Community Presbyterian Church rummage sale, 8 am. to 5 pm Oct 3rd and 8-11 am on the 4th, aids in over seas missions, youth activities, local charities and helping those in need. Autumn Art Hike Oct. 4th, 435-586-5432 for details. Oct.11 th Parowan Fall Fest in the Park and New Harmony apple festival. Oct.16 th-22nd Haunted Homestead 7 pm Oct 16th, Frontier Homestead Park. Oct. 24-26th Cedar Livestock and Heritage Festival visit Oct. 25th Halloween “Spook”tacular Cedar City Aquatic Center. Oct 27th Cedar City music arts present Circus Electronica and 7:30 pm, visit Oct 29th Piano Monster Concert 7 pm., Cedar City Heritage Center. Oct 31st Happy Halloween Hallelujah Night Festival free, put on by the Calvary Chapel, SUU Eccles Coliseum 5-8 pm.

10 Good Reasons to list your house for the upcoming Holiday season

1st, People who look for a home during the holidays are more serious buyers. 2nd, serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the holidays so you have less competition. 3rd, houses “show better” when decorated for the holidays. 4th, buyers are more emotional during the holidays. 5th, buyers have more time to look for a home during the holidays. 6th, many people want to buy before the end of the year for tax reasons. 7th, January is traditionally the month for transfers. Transferees can’t wait until spring to buy. You must be on the market to capture that market. 8th, you may still restrict showings during your personal family events. 9th, you can sell now, but specify a delayed closing or extended occupancy until early next year if you so desire. 10th, by selling you have an opportunity to buy during the spring, when many houses are on the market.


By listing no, you have fewer actual showings but more qualified and motivated buyers. You also have less competition, resulting in a possible quicker sale and stronger price.

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Why list with us

We are not just real estate agents, but also a professional REALTOR. ERA Real Estate Professionals is a Top 200 Company with ERA National. (You”re working with a top-flight company). We will make your house a “sale-able listing” not just a “listing”. We will make sure your house is “priced right, dressed right and ready to go!!  Five years ago only 5% of home buyers viewed homes on the internet before they made a purchase. Last year over 95% of all buyers viewed homes on the internet before making a purchase. The Internet is the fastest growing advertising medium in the internet. ERA  Real Estate professionals is a “high tech” office, and ERA is the most “high tech” of all the franchises. ERA was the first real estate company to put listings in the internet. Buyer exposures: ERA referral system, Cartus,, and ERA Real Estate Processionals web sites on the internet. We will expose your home worldwide. We have multiple locations. We prospect to locate potential buyers for our sellers. I will provide you with a professional written checklist and video on dressing your house to sell. I promise to “price it right” from the start, so that you’ll be a “Sold” , not an “Active”. We have a great local reputation in the community. We create our own marketing material. We will contact you regularly on any activity, agent feed back and comments. ERA provided discounts to buyers and sellers through our Select Services Vendors. We have a plan that helps a house sell on the average quickly, and for a higher sales price, with a greater chance of selling, and releases you from lot of liability of closing. It makes your house a drawing card for buyers. There is a great name recognition through the ERA logo and national reputation. Muscular Dystrophy Association: our way of giving back to the community that serves us so well.   Code of Ethics: we go strictly by it! We will professionally service your needs as a consumer through continued training. When you get us, you get “Team ERA” and all our associates. I will advise you, guide you, protect you and negotiate for you!! Your best interest is my main concern. I actively participate in my local board of Realtors, which benefits you and me. I work for the most creative and knowledgeable broker in town. ERA Commitment to Service: our written guarantee of customer satisfaction!  Call Rich 435-559-ERA2 or Gin ERA3.

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Hiking in Three Peaks area, Cedar City


My beautiful daughter Kris, RN. We call this 5 1/2 Peaks rather than Three Peaks. Anyone, fun recreation area near Cedar City.

Cedar Ridge our great local course

Newly spruced up local golf course Cedar Ridge, no more pink bathrooms! Club house looks great with it’s new remodel. More importantly the course is in tip-top shape, with improvements on course also. Affordable exercise and fun. With the “punch card”  my girl friends and I walk 9 holes early a.m. and have a lot of laughs along the way. No tee times necessary, call for tournament play. Some things have not changed Art is still there to great you early in the morning, what a great guy.

Enoch to host Festival on Saturday 9/27

The highlights are to establish its own identity as a community.

Without taxpayer expense, this festival is provided by donated funds.

Pride in community, learn the history of Iron County here.

With growth in the community, it would be fun to learn about the essence of Enoch.

Horse shoes, Duck Tape race, Dutch oven cook-off, merchants, and two bands includes Most Wanted.

Should be fun!  What: Enoch Iron Days.

When: Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Where: Enoch Elementary School, 4701 N. Wagon Wheel Drive, Enoch.

Cost: Activities are free of charge except vendor booths.




Brian Head fall activities

1st annual R’ocktoberfest on Saturday September 20th was great fun with local musicians and great, delicious German food.  A  huge variety of  micro brews from Wasatch Brewery.  Fun things to do and see for the whole family.



New listings

New listings so far this week are a Cove area residential lot .23 acres, city utilities in street, Nice east side views. $45,000 or best offer. Lots in this area are typically $80,000 and above. ID# 69594 A five acre country location parcel with water rights! Animal rights. Located in Enoch, $45,000. ID# 69589 A cute country home with animal rights located in Enoch, $148,999. Call Rich to see, 435-559-3722. ID# 69587 Visit