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Cedar City Homes

Cedar City Utah has many different types of homes from old homes to new homes. Cedar City Utah has all 4 seasons and so there are a lot of homes that have all types of architecture and roofs. Some of the homes are on the sides of mountains and cliffs.

There are some Cedar City homes that are over a 100 years old and still have people living in them. They have been refurnished and rehabbed over and over again. Perhaps the best part of all of the homes in Cedar City is that they are surrounded by the majestic mountains with all of the many colors.

There are still a lot of farm land in the Cedar City Utah area and that means there are still homes that have the corals and pastures right to the side of them. So having horse property in Cedar City is a great luxury. There are many individuals who come to Cedar because they can have horse property or have horses that are close to where they live.

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