Staging of a Nation, from South to North – Cedar City Home Selling Tips

Cedar City Home Selling Tips

Homeowners these days need the best price for their property, regardless of where they live. Statistically, 78% of potential buyers make their decision about a house even before they actually visit it. Once inside, the first few seconds a buyer has made their choice on the home. Here are the latest tips for staging. Keep the exterior tidy, including putting trash cans out of site. Keep shrubs trimmed, repair walkways.

  • Freshen up the interior. Neutral, subdued paint is a good, inexpensive option.
  • Light a fire, for a warm cozy feel in the winter months.
  • Keep mudrooms neat and tidy.
  • Install storm windows for the cool months and screens for warmer.
  • Make every room count. Put an air mattress on boxes and cover it with comforters to turn an unused room into a bedroom.
  • Create a blank canvas. Remove children’s artwork, personal photos, trophies and other person items.

Bottom line is buyers are not interested in how sellers live, they want to envision themselves living in the home.

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