Cedar City Forclosures

Foreclosure means taking away the property legally to redeem a mortgage. It is a legal procedure where the lender tries to get back the balance amount when the borrower defaults by selling their assets that are used as a security for the loan. Here is some background on Cedar City foreclosures, why they happen and what the remedies are.

Foreclosures in Cedar City

Officially, a mortgage lender or any other leaseholder has claim to a loan borrower’s reasonable right of recovery, either by law or by court order after following certain statutory process.

  1. Generally, mortgage lender get a security interest from the borrower who takes a loan by pledging an asset to secure the loan. But if the borrower fails to pay back the loan, then the lender tries to recover the property, the law of equity can allow the borrower the impartial right of recovery if the borrower pay back the loan. With these equitable rights, the lender is confident he can successfully reclaim the property.
  2. Consequently, through the foreclosure process, the lender obtains equitable right to foreclose with equitable title of the property legally. These Cedar City foreclosures then become available for others to purchase. Other leaseholders can also take away the recovery right from the owners for other loans like for overdue taxes, association overdue, unpaid contractor bills or other assessments.
  3. The bank or secured creditors have the right to foreclosure the property of the borrower if he or she fails to pay back the loan. If the borrower failed to pay back the loan as per the agreement, which is also called as “deed of trust” or “mortgage” between the borrower and the lender, then the lender has the right to foreclosure the assets of the borrowers that are placed as a security for the loan.
  4. The violation of repayment for the loan can make the lender make decisions by taking away the security on the property to recover the loan. The lender gets the right to sell the property and keep the profits to pay off the mortgage and other legal costs.
  5. If the promissory note is prepared with a way out phrase, then in case even after selling the security for the loan, it does not pay back the complete loan amount, then the lender can file a claim for an absence or deficiency judgment. Many states in U.S., include items to determine the amount of absence judgment include the principal loan amount, interest on the loan and attorney fees less the total the lender offer at the deprived sale.

The borrower must take the loan only after reading the agreement papers clearly. In case of borrowers default, the lender has every right to sell the property placed as a security for the loan according to the agreement. Cedar City foreclosures are not a good thing, but sometimes they’re required and a necessary step for people. If you need to get out from underneath a home in Cedar City facing foreclosure then give me a call.

Photo Credit: Jeff Turner