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How to Find the Most Reliable Cedar City Real Estate Agent

Choosing a reliable real estate agent in Cedar City is very important when you are planning to buy or sell your home. The primary thing you should look for when looking for an agent is for his/her professionalism in taking care of things. Do they have total dedication to their work? Are they committed and hard working? And finally, they must have a good reputation.

My New House

Finding the perfect real estate agent is very important; the quality varies radically from marvelous to dreadful. You should be able to find an agent who puts your needs in front than their profits. Who can suggest you the right options and right location? Over all he/she should have as many of these qualities as possible:

  1. A person of veracity
  2. A great amount of time working with the real estate field.
  3. Should have plenty of knowledge and information about entire neighborhoods and communities.
  4. Maintains a good relationship with other agents and customers.
  5. Must be respected by other agents, which means he/she should not be rude with customers.
  6. Refined in business matters.
  7. Understands your needs.
  8. Must have a license from your state, which means, the agent must minimum educational qualifications, also they should have obtained training other necessary things.

The above mentioned points are very important to consider when you are looking for a reliable agent. Some additional things to consider are things like does he or she maintain their membership with the NAR (National Association of Realtors)? Through NAR, you can find an agent with qualifications as a Gradate Realtors Institute and Certified Residential Specialist. You don’t find many agents with such qualifications, so ask.

Get Referrals to Find the Perfect Cedar City Real Estate Agent

Get referrals from friends, coworkers and family, especially the people who you know have bought or sold the house recently. Get the agents name from other people who met at the open houses, once you find the good real estate agent, talk to them for half an hour or so and ask questions, etc. Once you get to know the approach of the agent, then you can hire him to do your job.

Ask Questions

Ask questions of the real estate agent in Cedar City, to find his or her experience and closing rate requirements. For instance, if you want to buy a new house, a foreclosure, or a condo, then make sure that your agent knows how to deal with these types of properties, and how experienced they are in this field of work.

Ask them how many homes they helped to sell or buy in the last year. Ask the address of the house that they recently sold and find out the selling cost. This kind of inquiry can help you to find the agent working capacity and successful rate.

Ask the agent how he or she can help you find the best house in your budget limits. And ask their suggestions on new mortgage loan process. Also, ask about current tax changes and insurances.

Know how to reach the agent, how you can contact him/her, through email, through phone or any other source. For stable markets, you can approach the lender once a week, but for the hot markets, you need to approach the agent every single day. And make sure you get responded to quickly from them to your calls, it is very important, because you don’t want to wait for your agents response and miss the golden opportunity’s.

Once you ask these exclusive questions, you are sure to get an idea about the agent, and you will know if he is good to help you find your dream house within your budget and with all the requirements that you are looking for in your home.

Conclusion: Finding the Best Cedar City Realtor

The important thing that you should be focusing on is, after finding the agent, make sure that he is giving priority to your task and not putting your name at the bottom of the list. So make constant inquiry’s and let them understand your requirements clearly. We are hopeful and confident that we here at the Bontadelli Team at ERA can satisfy all of these requirements, to help you with all of your real estate in Cedar City needs.

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Why list with us

We are not just real estate agents, but also a professional REALTOR. ERA Real Estate Professionals is a Top 200 Company with ERA National. (You”re working with a top-flight company). We will make your house a “sale-able listing” not just a “listing”. We will make sure your house is “priced right, dressed right and ready to go!!  Five years ago only 5% of home buyers viewed homes on the internet before they made a purchase. Last year over 95% of all buyers viewed homes on the internet before making a purchase. The Internet is the fastest growing advertising medium in the internet. ERA  Real Estate professionals is a “high tech” office, and ERA is the most “high tech” of all the franchises. ERA was the first real estate company to put listings in the internet. Buyer exposures: ERA referral system, Cartus, era.com, and ERA Real Estate Processionals web sites on the internet. We will expose your home worldwide. We have multiple locations. We prospect to locate potential buyers for our sellers. I will provide you with a professional written checklist and video on dressing your house to sell. I promise to “price it right” from the start, so that you’ll be a “Sold” , not an “Active”. We have a great local reputation in the community. We create our own marketing material. We will contact you regularly on any activity, agent feed back and comments. ERA provided discounts to buyers and sellers through our Select Services Vendors. We have a plan that helps a house sell on the average quickly, and for a higher sales price, with a greater chance of selling, and releases you from lot of liability of closing. It makes your house a drawing card for buyers. There is a great name recognition through the ERA logo and national reputation. Muscular Dystrophy Association: our way of giving back to the community that serves us so well.   Code of Ethics: we go strictly by it! We will professionally service your needs as a consumer through continued training. When you get us, you get “Team ERA” and all our associates. I will advise you, guide you, protect you and negotiate for you!! Your best interest is my main concern. I actively participate in my local board of Realtors, which benefits you and me. I work for the most creative and knowledgeable broker in town. ERA Commitment to Service: our written guarantee of customer satisfaction!  Call Rich 435-559-ERA2 or Gin ERA3.

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Monday Real Estate Motivator

Action is Power: Tips for Getting Started

It may be true that knowledge is power, but knowledge without action is not very powerful at all. In fact, it is very common to see talent wasted because no action is taken to produce results. The following are a few tips for taking action, which is perhaps the single biggest key to success, in business and in life.

Don’t over-analyze tasks. Sure you need to think things through, but you can over-think them too. If you worry too much about getting it perfect before implementation, you can lose momentum, lose your window of opportunity, or worst of all…never do it at all.

A good strategy is to be sure your idea is ethical and legal. Then, if you think your chances of success are at least 70%, implement your idea. Successful people tend to make decisions quickly and change them slowly, where many unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change them quickly. Be a part of the first group and implement your ideas.

Break a large project in to bite-size pieces – your action steps. If a project or plan that you know will improve your business just seems too large or overwhelming, break the plan down into manageable steps. Determine what action needs to be taken first, then go ahead and do it. After all, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. And the same concept should apply for large projects.

Don’t procrastinate. Easier said than done, right? But the truth is, the longer you wait to do something, the less the chance you will ever do it. Rather than putting it on your endless list of “to-dos,” do it right away – right now if possible. You will impress your clients – they will love it! Don’t you love it when you are the customer and you get service right away? You may even impress yourself and start getting into the habit of “doing it right now.”

Believe in yourself and the power of taking action. Did you ever think of a great idea at night, only to talk yourself out of it in the morning? Worse yet, have others talked you out of it, ultimately denying you your dream? Believe in yourself…take chances…go for it. Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about the task that it becomes daunting. Don’t think about it. Go ahead and get started. Just do it!

It doesn’t matter how many great ideas you hear or see. It doesn’t matter how many great plans you come up with for yourself, your business, or your life. What matters is how many of these ideas, plans and dreams you actually put into action and make a reality. Do you have something that’s been on your to-do list for months? Do you have a great idea you’ve been kicking around? Do you know the next push you need to move forward in your career or your life? Grab it right now – don’t wait another day. Take a step, make a decision, put your plans into motion and enjoy the rewarding feeling of having taken action! Information provided by Steve Florio.


Cedar City Real Estate Auctions

There are a lot of people who are struggling to make their mortgage payments and keep their credit clean with all of the financial crisis that has been going throughout the country. Due to this there are many homes that have gone into foreclosure and are property of the banks.

Banks do not want to be in the real estate industry they want to be in the lending industry. So when they get a bunch of homes that have loans in default they are not in a good mood. The result is they have no one paying them money back and not to mention they are losing money with a piece of real estate on their hands.

This is where the banks hold real estate auctions to get rid of their properties that they hold. And when I say they want to get rid of them I mean it. Recently there have many real estate auctions across the country and many in the state of Utah.

There have been homes going for 40 cents on the dollar. This means that if the home were valued at $100,000 then it would be sold for $40,000. That is a good deal to have 60% off on anything especially real estate.

If you are looking for a home you might want to consider looking into the bank real estate auctions. They are held all over. To find them you can look up your local real estate agent and they will be able to help you find where and when they are being held.

One thing to remember is that it will be easier to find homes that are in the bigger price range that are above a million dollars because the market for those are not high in demand. I recently heard about a million plus home that was bought for somewhere in the $500,000 dollar range.

Even though that is still a lot of money it is a steal off of what is was normally going for. So if you are in the market for this type of price range I would be on the lookout for these homes that people got in way over there head on. Their loss your gain.

The Bontadelli Team can help you find the perfect home like this in any area especially in the Cedar City real estate market. Good luck in finding your home at a great price.

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Look For Cedar City Real Estate Marketing Agents

Cedar City Real Estate Marketing Agents

Often you hear about home sellers who are frustrated with their real estate agents because they feel all they are doing is putting a sign in the front yard and home on the multiple listing service.This is a sad thing to hear because their is so much more a real estate agent can and should do. By far the most important thing as a seller you should be focusing is marketing. This may seem a little unusual and out of the ordinary of what you mostly hear about. When you are selling something you want a good marketer to spread the word in a fast and effective manner. Real estate agents who understand marketing do far better then those who do not. Why? Because when trying to sell something it is the marketing that matters the most. You can have the greatest home available in the whole city but if no one knows about it then who cares. This is why it is important as a seller to interview real estate agents that understand marketing. So as a seller you want to ask a real estate agent exactly how they market real estate. The key to marketing is to get the word out to people who are looking for what you sell. This is why it is critical to ask them the questions in the beginning before all they do is put a sign up and leave. It is also very important to find an agent that is on the cutting edge of technology. Why do I say this? Because the world is becoming more advanced everyday and the internet is making big changes in the real estate industry. When people are looking for real estate now they use the internet. If your real estate agent is not placing your property online then you are missing the boat. So make sure you get an agent that is very good at marketing real estate in many different ways.


Tell The Truth In Real Estate Advertising

Real Estate Advertising in Cedar City

As real estate agents list all types of real estate there are bound to be some that are not as desirable as others. You must tell the truth in your listing of a home in order for people to trust that what you are saying is true.

There have been many times people have driven around cities looking at homes that they have seen online or in other forms of marketing and have been dissappointed because what they saw online is not what they saw in person.

This is kind of like when you see a commercial online of a nice meal that is by some restaurant and then when you go there it does not even look the same or as good. Although it is good to advertise your products in a way that are appealing it is also important to advertise the truth.

The biggest killer in real estate is when customers do not trust you as a real estate agent because you have a reputation of leaving or advertising property better than they really are. If you have a listing that says it has beautiful views and then a potential buyer visits the property and the view is less than to be desired then you are losing their trust.

It is vital as well to do good in the real estate industry as word travels very fast. If other real estate agents know that you have a reputation for not telling the property the way it really is then they will not be as excited to show your homes to thier potential buyers.

So in order to gain the trust of the consumers and other real estate agents please tell the truth at all times. It will pay off in the long run. If you list a home that is a dump, then that is what it is and you should list it and explain it in the proper description.

The Bontadelli Team are always striving to tell the truth and to look out for our customers best interests. We pride ourselves in understanding the Cedar City Utah real estate market and will always find the best deals for our clients.

Do Not Spam In Real Estate Marketing

When I say the word SPAM most people think it relates to junk email. Although this is the way it became famous 30 years ago it relates to a lot more than just email. Spam refers to when people receive things that they did not ask for.

Spam is not what people like. When people get mail that they do not like, they call it obviously JUNK MAIL. Everyone knows and hates junk mail. So when you ask someone what was in the mail and they say junk mail you already know that it was people just sending out advertisements and things you did not ask for.

When it comes to real estate there is also junk mail or what I call SPAM. Way to often I see real estate agents giving me their card or some postcard in the mail with their picture or something on it. The first thing I think of when I get this is “I did not ask for this”.

I often get this one real estate agents stuff in the mail on a consistent basis that I did not even ask for and it becomes really annoying. As I look at his advertising it just makes me think less of him as a business person because he is not following one the unsaid rules:

Only give things to people when they ask for it.

Please as a real estate agent do not go overboard with handing out what I call your advertisements. In other words you do not want to be a commercial on TV where people want to change the channel.

In email marketing, according to the CAN SPAM ACT of 2003, you can have one email that is an advertisement email that people did not ask for or sign up for. However you can not send more after that unless the person asks for more.

The same goes for business in general, however I see way to many real estate agents who are hungry for business and shove their services into many people’s faces. The goal is to have the people come to you not the other way around.

So do not send people who have not asked for your advertising cards, brochures, postcards, etc. People will get highly annoyed if you consistently throw stuff in their face.

You will become a much more effective real estate agent if you are on the good side of people, not the bad side. The best way to do this is to not SPAM them.

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Dressed to Sell Home Staging Tips

Cedar City Home Staging Tips

This is a great time of year to create an outdoor retreat. Shop second hand stores or garage sells. Spruce up your finds with fresh paint and new pillows. This year’s trend is silver or metallic grays. Outdoor fire pits are relatively inexpensive to purchase or construct. Add some lifestyle appeal, maybe give an office area a bright color wall finish to keep the thinking process going. Cabinetry painting can freshen the bath or kitchen. Look-up, are your lights out of style or date? Mismatches are ok and add interest to a room.

The Bontadelli Team

435-559-ERA2 or ERA3


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Selling Cedar City Real Estate in a Down Market

Selling Cedar City Real Estate in a Down Market

As Cedar City real estate agents we are confronted daily with sellers who need to sell their Cedar City home for various reasons. Some need to sell their home due to a relocation. Sometimes sellers refer to appraisals they had 2 years ago.

Today’s real estate values are very volatile and appraisals are only accurate for 60 days. You may feel your home is worth more than you can sell it at in today’s market. On the flip side of the coin, you will receive the benefits of purchasing your next home in a great buyers market or ”down market”.

Prices of real estate constantly fluctuate up and down and sometimes they go up fast and some times they go down fast. Lately the price of real estate has gone down and is a perfect time for buyers to be looking to purchase at a great deal.

However for the ones who are looking to sell, right now is a good time to sell with so many buyers looking but if you are in a bind and need to sell fast and keep the price high then you will struggle.

Fair market value will constantly be changing and so those who are looking to sell real estate in a down market have to realize that things could change tomorrow.