Cleaning Tips For Selling Your Home

When it comes to cleaning, namely hard to remove stains, we have all collected valuable tips and tricks for getting the job done.

The good news in household stain removal is that many new products are available and work very well. But don’t discount the tried and true methods either. This advice is a collection of both.

White Kitchen Sinks – Despite their shell-like appearance, kitchen sinks can be quite porous – especially white porcelain. If you have ever experienced a ring from a coffee cup, you’ll know this is true. To clean a white kitchen sink, try covering the drain with a stopper and pour in a pot of boiling water. Add a half-cup of bleach and let it sit overnight. After that, use a mild abrasive to finish the job.

Carpet – If you have a nagging carpet stain that is difficult to remove – even after you have steam-cleaned the floors, try hairspray or spray-starch.

Bathroom Tub and Tile – Most tub and tile stains are water related. They are calcium, lime or rust based. Cleaning products made specifically for these types of stains are now available at most home centers and can remove these stains with ease and restore the surfaces; powdered cleansers tend to work particularly well.

Hardwood Floors – If you’re fortunate enough to have hardwood floors in your home, don’t worry about a few discolorations. Try a compound wax formulated for wood floors. These cleaners are very good at removing blemishes on floors and they add a protective coat. If that doesn’t work, the floors can be sanded, refinished and stained to a darker pigment to cover marks.

Aluminum Siding – You won’t believe what a pressure washer can do to clean aluminum siding. They can be purchased or rented from a home center and hook-up to a garden hose. On most models you can add soap and adjust the water flow. Make sure the flow is not too intense to dent the siding and begin cleaning.

Hard Surface Countertops – like granite, marble and Corian can be cleaned with a mild abrasive, but they can also be sanded clean by a professional. If you have a nagging stain, or burn in your countertop – it might be a good idea to call in an expert to sand the stain out, buff and refinish the surface.

I hope you find the above information helpful. Finally, if I may leave you with one last suggestion, always test a cleaning product on a very small, unnoticeable area first to make sure it does not cause a stain of its own.


Room painting basics

The Basics to Keep in Mind:

  • Properly prepare surfaces by patching holes and sanding imperfections. Apply a primer to your wall as well.
  • Apply paint and glaze in small sections, completing one wall at a time.
  • Almost all completed walls, furniture, etc. that you have faux finished should have a protective topcoat applied.

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Decorating Ideas

Being in the home business, I am always on the lookout for related websites and ideas to assist our home owners and buyers. I came across housebeautiful.com recently for new redecorating ideas. It’s handy for ideas to freshen a room, area or home. View color swatches, color schemes, themes and furniture placement. This is very handy for home owners that maybe need an idea or two to update or possibly help with making your home more marketable for sale. Preparing your home to market, gives you the BEST opportunity for top dollar on the sale. This is so important, in addition to us as your listing agents, we will insure a great and successful experience.