Purchasing Rental or Income Properties in Cedar City

Owning rental properties can be a great forced savings for your future. Obviously, buying the right property at the right time as well as other factors apply to see a cash flow situation. Currently there are great opportunities to buy homes, duplexes or other investment style properties at reduced prices.

Lending and your mortgage are a different scenario in the investment field. Great credit history, a minimum of 10% down and count on 1 point above prime in interest rate, so today that would be 6.78% still a fabulous rate. With 10% down also count on PMI or Principal Mortgage Insurance added to your monthly amount. This is a fee lender’s typically charge to insure a low down payment loan. It can be removed in most cases after the loan has diminished a certain amount.

If you are fortunate to have 20% or more as a down payment, then you avoid the added PMI, and have a greater cash flow. 1031 exchanges are also a great way to move monies you may have in other properties by selling those, and “identifying” and purchasing other properties that may produce a better return for you in the future. 1031 there for have great benefits tax wise also, visit with your tax professional for further details.


Virtual Staging Real Estate in Cedar

Virtual Staging Real Estate in Cedar

Technology is becoming more advanced everyday and the real estate industry is constantly having to stay on the cutting edge to stay competitive. Real estate agents are constantly having to continue their education about real estate and technology. One of the newer technologies to enter the real estate world is virtual staging.

Virtual staging is exactly what it sounds like, you take a home and stage it with furnishings. All real estate agents know that it is easier for a home to sell when a potential buyer walks into a home and sees some furniture.

Why is this such a big deal. Well vision has a big play on our senses and when you walk into a room with nothing in it then the eyes have a hard time to see what it could be like. There are some people who are fairly good at visioning what something would look like by not having furniture. Those in construction generally have to look at a drawing and visualize what it is supposed to look like.

Yet having a 3D model makes the process much more advanced in visualizing what something would look like. Now in the real estate industry virtual staging is starting to make an impact as more consumers use the internet to find homes. In the past virtual tours use to be the hot topic and then it went to video.

Virtual staging will take a home and then furnish it as though it is being lived in so consumers can see the home online the way they would if they were visiting the home that was staged by the real estate agents or homeowners or builders.

Some may say that virtual staging is a play on the imagination as the furniture does not really exist and is really not what the home looks like. This may be true yet virtual staging does seem to be the way that the real estate industry is going into.

We want to know your thoughts about virtual staging so go ahead and join the conversation and make a comment. Next time we might have what virtual staging looks like here on this site.


Cedar City Real Estate Auctions

There are a lot of people who are struggling to make their mortgage payments and keep their credit clean with all of the financial crisis that has been going throughout the country. Due to this there are many homes that have gone into foreclosure and are property of the banks.

Banks do not want to be in the real estate industry they want to be in the lending industry. So when they get a bunch of homes that have loans in default they are not in a good mood. The result is they have no one paying them money back and not to mention they are losing money with a piece of real estate on their hands.

This is where the banks hold real estate auctions to get rid of their properties that they hold. And when I say they want to get rid of them I mean it. Recently there have many real estate auctions across the country and many in the state of Utah.

There have been homes going for 40 cents on the dollar. This means that if the home were valued at $100,000 then it would be sold for $40,000. That is a good deal to have 60% off on anything especially real estate.

If you are looking for a home you might want to consider looking into the bank real estate auctions. They are held all over. To find them you can look up your local real estate agent and they will be able to help you find where and when they are being held.

One thing to remember is that it will be easier to find homes that are in the bigger price range that are above a million dollars because the market for those are not high in demand. I recently heard about a million plus home that was bought for somewhere in the $500,000 dollar range.

Even though that is still a lot of money it is a steal off of what is was normally going for. So if you are in the market for this type of price range I would be on the lookout for these homes that people got in way over there head on. Their loss your gain.

The Bontadelli Team can help you find the perfect home like this in any area especially in the Cedar City real estate market. Good luck in finding your home at a great price.


6 Activities of Successful Real Estate Agents

Successful Cedar City Real Estate Agents

There are a lot of real estate agents who seem to be struggling right now and a lot of it is can be in their head. Everyone thinks that the grass is greener on the other side. Some may say that if they were in a different city then the market would be different and could be better.

This begs the question, why are successful people successful no matter where they are. The majority of successful real estate agents focus there time and energy on 6 activities:

  1. Generating Leads
  2. Following Up
  3. Showing Properties
  4. Taking Listings
  5. Writing Contracts
  6. Negotiating

Every real estate agent should be prospecting and generating new leads. Everything starts from here. If an agent is prospecting everyday then everything else will follow into place. Some agents may say that they do not have any homes to show or contracts to write.

Then prospect and get yourself out there. Let people know who you are and what is going on. You have to get in front of their face. People buy real estate from people and sign contracts with people. However this does not mean you have to become a nuisance and spam people with advertising from you that they did not ask for.

If you are a successful prospector and lead generator then you will always have success. This is by far the most important thing that all real estate agents need to know how to do exceptional and yet the majority have no idea what or where to start.

Here is a website that will help real estate agents in the prospecting and lead generation activities.


Real Estate Agents in Cedar City (not salespeople)

Real Estate Agents in Cedar City

Real estate agents are supposed to be constantly looking out for their clients best interest. Agents do not need to be salespeople and talk like they are selling something. I know what you might be thinking, as a real estate agent we sell homes and property of course we are salespeople.

If as a real estate agent you think of yourself as a salesmen then you will more than likely act like a salesmen. People do not like salesmen for certain reasons. The highest reason is “People do not like to be SOLD”.

It is better if people sell themselves rather than a salesmen selling them something. In real estate you have the property that is doing the selling.

Remember why people buy real estate:

  1. Place to live
  2. Price
  3. Location

These are the selling factors that people must weigh their decision on before purchasing real estate. As real estate agents we are more than just a salesmen.

Real estate agents are representatives who represent the best interests of other people. They are to understand the market, the laws and regulations, the contracts, and most importantly the agent and client relationship.

There is so much more to being a real estate agent that most people do not know about. In reality a real estate agent is not a salesmen he is a clent representative.

The main question is how do you define yourself as a realtor. The way you handle yourself and the way you conduct yourself will be the way that people look at you and make decisions about what they think of you and if they want you to represent them.

As a consumer who is looking to purchase real estate you will want to look for someone who understands the code of ethics and is very good at understanding their agent to client relationship.

As a real estate agent defining who you are is the most important thing you can do and should be decided as soon as you step into the real estate industry.

So as a real estate agent think to yourself, how do I define myself to others?

As Cedar City real estate agents we are always looking out for our clients best interest and feel it a pleasure to do business with such great people.

The Bontadelli Team

The Bontadelli Team is here to help you with all of your real estate needs in Cedar City, Utah. In addition, all needs for: Parowan, Utah real estate, New Harmony, Utah real estate, Paragonah real estate, Enoch real estate, Kanarraville Utah real estate, Springdale Utah real estate, and Panguitch real estate.

Whether you’re needing to find a new home, a used property, fix something up or wanting to invest in a property in Cedar City the team is here to find that dream for you! To get you started choose a link above or go to our Cedar City mls or you can even check some other Cedar City real estate resources you might be in need of. You can also learn about the St. George Utah real estate market or get more information on St. George.

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Look For Cedar City Real Estate Marketing Agents

Cedar City Real Estate Marketing Agents

Often you hear about home sellers who are frustrated with their real estate agents because they feel all they are doing is putting a sign in the front yard and home on the multiple listing service.This is a sad thing to hear because their is so much more a real estate agent can and should do. By far the most important thing as a seller you should be focusing is marketing. This may seem a little unusual and out of the ordinary of what you mostly hear about. When you are selling something you want a good marketer to spread the word in a fast and effective manner. Real estate agents who understand marketing do far better then those who do not. Why? Because when trying to sell something it is the marketing that matters the most. You can have the greatest home available in the whole city but if no one knows about it then who cares. This is why it is important as a seller to interview real estate agents that understand marketing. So as a seller you want to ask a real estate agent exactly how they market real estate. The key to marketing is to get the word out to people who are looking for what you sell. This is why it is critical to ask them the questions in the beginning before all they do is put a sign up and leave. It is also very important to find an agent that is on the cutting edge of technology. Why do I say this? Because the world is becoming more advanced everyday and the internet is making big changes in the real estate industry. When people are looking for real estate now they use the internet. If your real estate agent is not placing your property online then you are missing the boat. So make sure you get an agent that is very good at marketing real estate in many different ways.


Types of Cedar City Homes

Cedar City Homes

Cedar City Utah has many different types of homes from old homes to new homes. Cedar City Utah has all 4 seasons and so there are a lot of homes that have all types of architecture and roofs. Some of the homes are on the sides of mountains and cliffs.

There are some Cedar City homes that are over a 100 years old and still have people living in them. They have been refurnished and rehabbed over and over again. Perhaps the best part of all of the homes in Cedar City is that they are surrounded by the majestic mountains with all of the many colors.

There are still a lot of farm land in the Cedar City Utah area and that means there are still homes that have the corals and pastures right to the side of them. So having horse property in Cedar City is a great luxury. There are many individuals who come to Cedar because they can have horse property or have horses that are close to where they live.

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Selling Cedar City Real Estate in a Down Market

Selling Cedar City Real Estate in a Down Market

As Cedar City real estate agents we are confronted daily with sellers who need to sell their Cedar City home for various reasons. Some need to sell their home due to a relocation. Sometimes sellers refer to appraisals they had 2 years ago.

Today’s real estate values are very volatile and appraisals are only accurate for 60 days. You may feel your home is worth more than you can sell it at in today’s market. On the flip side of the coin, you will receive the benefits of purchasing your next home in a great buyers market or ”down market”.

Prices of real estate constantly fluctuate up and down and sometimes they go up fast and some times they go down fast. Lately the price of real estate has gone down and is a perfect time for buyers to be looking to purchase at a great deal.

However for the ones who are looking to sell, right now is a good time to sell with so many buyers looking but if you are in a bind and need to sell fast and keep the price high then you will struggle.

Fair market value will constantly be changing and so those who are looking to sell real estate in a down market have to realize that things could change tomorrow.


Meeting the Needs of Mature Homebuyers/Sellers

Local Real Estate Professional Equipped to Meet

The Unique Needs of Mature Homebuyers and Sellers

Each day more and more Americans are joining the ranks of the 50+ market. To meet the housing needs of this growing segment, local real estate professionals Rich and Gin Bontadelli with ERA Realty Center, provide a balance of expertise, products and services tailored for mature homebuyers and sellers.

As ERA® professionals, The Bontadelli’s have access to education and training that addresses concerns specific to mature homebuyer’s and sellers such as tax implications, estate planning and medical care. ERA Real Estate was one of the first national real estate franchises to offer the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) certification program online to help its associates better understand the needs of mature adults.

Retirement Real Estate Cedar City

“The mature homebuyer and seller have a number of additional factors to consider when entering into a real estate transaction,” said Rich. “Through my work experience and education, I have learned proven methods to help my clients fulfill their housing needs while still taking into account these special issues and concerns.”

In addition to Rich and Gin’s expertise and training, they can offer clients marketing tools and programs, developed with the mature consumer in mind. The ERA Sellers Security® Plan offers sellers a guaranteed sale price and closing date to help ease the stress and anxiety of selling a home.

Mature homebuyer’s can benefit from loan options offered through ERA Mortgage that are designed to meet the specific financial needs of mature adults or from the ERA Home Protection Plan which can help them avoid the cost of unexpected maintenance or repair. Finally, mature adults considering the purchase or sale of a vacation home can utilize resort.ERA.com, the ERA Web site dedicated to the resort and second home market.

“My first priority is working with my client to identify their housing concerns and needs. I can then utilize a variety of ERA products and programs to create a customized plan based on their individual situation,” added Rich.


First-Time Homebuyers

First-Time Homebuyers

The real estate market is going in many different directions for different people. For some they are hating it, some are loving costs going down, and some investors are drooling at possibilities.

The government is trying to save the financial situation in what is happening in the real estate industry as there is some people who are struggling to either save their home or buy a home for the first time.

The government has passed a bill that will temporarily help first time home buyers in qualifying to be able to purchase a home. This bill is called the “Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008″.

This bill has several highlights and lays out the qualifications that people must have in order to qualify for the first-time home buyers assistance. It lays out the tax credits that are available to first-time home buyers.

Here is a pdf that can be used in first-time home buyers seminars. There are further resources that are listed that can be of great assistance to first-time home buyers. Here are some great Cedar City homes for first-time home buyers.