Home ownership Benefits

The home you purchased is owned by you and therefore as a home owner you have an investment and equity as apposed to paying rent.   Deduction of interest on your income taxes. If you have “paid down” your mortgage this may or may not be of benefit, it may be more beneficial to take a standard deduction.  Provided you’ve lived in the home for at least three of the previous five years,, the IRS allows you to exempt the first $250,000 of gains in your home from capital gains taxes. If you’re married and file a joint return, you can exempt up to $500,000. That equity can go a long way toward enhancing your retirement. Combined with the leverage effect of borrowing money (your borrowing costs are usually tax deductible), you can magnify the benefit of the capital gains tax exclusion. Homes for sale in Cedar City are a good investment for your future.


Cedar City community facts

We are often asked for population and elevation. So here are the facts, Cedar City has a population of 29,000 and we set at an elevation of 5,800 above sea level, that increasing to approximately 10,000 in the outlying mountainous areas, Some 7,000 students attend Southern Utah University a four-year college of liberal arts and sciences with elementary and secondary teacher education programs. Some community activities throughout the year are the Utah Summer games, Shakespearean Festival, Neil Simon Festival and the Cedar City Livestock and Heritage Festival to name a few.


New things to do

Another fun thing to do in Cedar City, check this out Cedar Ice Skating Ring, in conjunction with the Aquatic Center and Lake on the Hill. There is a full schedule of events at the Aquatic Center, including water aerobics and Zumba.

Interested in living in the area? Give us a call we will sent any home or lot available the meets your needs. Ask for homes in the Mesa Hills area. Nice residential living with easy access to lots of amenities and schools.



Let us all remember this is the season to give thanks. There so many that are struggling in some way. Consider giving your time, or monetary donations to aid those in need.  Contact your church home, local club, Share and Care to name a few to see what you can do. Give the gift of giving, there is no better gift.


Home Maintenance

Now that you are settled in your home, keep in mind that proper maintenance can help increase the value of your home. In fact, a neat and well-maintained house can be expected to generate more traffic, a faster sale and a better price than a comparable house in less desirable condition.

While you may not be planning on moving in the near future, maintaining your home will make for a more enjoyable living experience now and pay dividends later. Plus, keeping up on it now will save considerable time, trouble and expense when you go to sell down the road. Following is a breakdown of items you should check regularly and maintain throughout the year.

Small space for a closet? here are some ideas to help.

Organization 101:
The first step at organizing your closet is to take inventory of what you have and discard what you don’t need. If you haven’t worn that shirt in over a year, it’s time to part with it. You should also sort your clothes by season. Move the items you won’t need until next summer into storage bins and place them in an alternate location like a spare room closet or the basement or attic. Read more

Stain removing ideas

When it comes to cleaning, namely hard to remove stains, we have all collected valuable tips and tricks for getting the job done.

The good news in household stain removal is that many new products are available and work very well. But don’t discount the tried and true methods either. This advice is a collection of both.

White Kitchen Sinks – Despite their shell-like appearance, kitchen sinks can be quite porous – especially white porcelain. If you have ever experienced a ring from a coffee cup, you’ll know this is true. To clean a white kitchen sink, try covering the drain with a stopper and pour in a pot of boiling water. Add a half-cup of bleach and let it sit overnight. After that, use a mild abrasive to finish the job.

Carpet – If you have a nagging carpet stain that is difficult to remove – even after you have steam-cleaned the floors, try hairspray or spray-starch. Read more

SyberJet in Cedar City

Cedar City is the last of the taxing entities to approve the $11 million tax incentive offered to attract Syberjet, the company created when Cedar City-based Metalcraft purchased and merged with Emivest Aerospace, the manufacturer of the SJ30 light jet.

Read more:Iron County Today – City approves incentive plan to bring Syberjet to Cedar

More ways to grow our economy and community, over a 15 yr. period an estimated 600 new jobs will be offered.

Helicopter flight school

New sights and sounds in Cedar City over the last couple of weeks have been Helicopters! One of our newest business’ Upper Limits Aviation.

Upper Limit Aviation, based in Salt Lake City will offer instruction for helicopters and eventually airplanes. The flight school will partner with Southern Utah University and students will earn an associate degree through SUU where class-work will take place, while Upper Limit will conduct labs at the airports in the form of flight-school training.  Read more