How to Avoid Real Estate Retirement Planning Mistakes

Many people do not even realize how important planning their retirement is, so they naively neglect the steps necessary to ensure the retirement they desire. People who are nearing to their retirement period do not even like to hear about their retirement, forget about planning. But, it is very important to prepare ahead for retirement, especially with regards to real estate, it helps you to continue the rest of your life peaceful, otherwise it is much more difficult to survive peacefully after retirement and it could be a trying time in your life.

How to Avoid Real Estate Retirement Planning Mistakes
Some people plan ahead about spending their leisure time but they forget about the retirement planning, which is very important for them so that they could plan other things.  You should actually put a lot of effort to make sure that your retirement plan will be successful, and take a lot of care into ensuring your real estate retirement plan is one that will take you into your twilight years.  You may not see the unforeseen circumstances, which leads to failure of your retirement planning.  Therefore it is very essential to know some important questions if you want to avoid retirement planning mistakes, and real estate retirement mistakes.

Questions to Ask so at to Avoid Real Estate Retirement Planning Mistakes

  1. How many more years left before your retirement?
  2. Depending on your current financial position, how much income you will get after retirement?
  3. Are you planning to retire through your personal savings or you wanted to capitulate from various investments?
  4. Whatever the money you saved till your retirement period, for that income how much money did you generate yearly till your retirement and after retirement?
  5. Will the income that you will receive after retirement will be funded by various other income sources?
  6. Do you want to it by yourself, or do you want to take help from an expert for better income results?
  7. Keeping in mind your retirement-income basis, how much money you will get after tax?

The major reason why many people retirements plans are not successful is because they aren’t asking the important and right kind of questions. Cedar City has consistently been ranked as a top affordable retirement community, so by asking the right questions and with a little help from real estate agents like the Bontadelli Team, you’ll be squared away. The right question helps you find the right answers, and the right solutions for your retirement plan. Planning ahead for your future after retirement not only helps you lead a peaceful life but also helps you lead independent and successful life.

The Right Real Estate Retirement Investment Plan

Now you know how to ask question to secure your life by planning the right kind of retirement plan. There are many answers to these questions that you never asked before. Planning is must for any kind of investment especially during your old age, you must have secured income to take care of your health and other important things.  Make sure to check the current changes and method of making retirement plan successful. And start planning today to ensure your real estate retirement investments in a place like beautiful Cedar City are ready to go.

Photo Credit: Simon Cunningham

Stainless appliance package

The most popular in appliance package are the Stainless which refers to the expensive STEEL appliances. Not to be confused with the “faux” stainless look. This can easily be tested by placing a magnet on the product if it sticks or not. For refrigerators these days most are larger than the refrigerators years ago. Plan on about $1,000 for this item. Some can be purchases for less, say for instance you are buying them as a package or price comparing.  A 30″ range will be $650.00 and up. I have seen some as high as $1,400 for a confectioner style with all the bells and whistles. $600.00 and up for Dishwasher and count on $300.00 or more for the microwave.

Allot of this depends on basic or all the “bells and whistles” models.

Washer and dryers are ever changing, personally I use 2 or 3 settings so paying for more seems and expense that may not be needed. A steam option in the dryer would be nice, I would pay more for the dryer.

Remember to recycle or donate the old items. As a donation, most churches will come and pick up your item and you get a tax deduction.




October Activities in Cedar City

Utah Shakespeare Festival Twelfth Night, Boeing Boeing and Sherlock Holmes, visit www.bard.org for details. Robinson family pumpkin patch at 1450 W. industrial Rd. Pumpkins ate .25 a pound and corn too. Judd pumpkin patch in Paragonah, 314 E 270 N. Downtown farmers market Oct. 8th Hoover Ave. and 100 W. 4-7pm. Community Presbyterian Church rummage sale, 8 am. to 5 pm Oct 3rd and 8-11 am on the 4th, aids in over seas missions, youth activities, local charities and helping those in need. Autumn Art Hike Oct. 4th, 435-586-5432 for details. Oct.11 th Parowan Fall Fest in the Park and New Harmony apple festival. Oct.16 th-22nd Haunted Homestead 7 pm Oct 16th, Frontier Homestead Park. Oct. 24-26th Cedar Livestock and Heritage Festival visit www.cedarlivestockfest.com. Oct. 25th Halloween “Spook”tacular Cedar City Aquatic Center. Oct 27th Cedar City music arts present Circus Electronica and 7:30 pm, visit www.cedarcitymusicarts.org. Oct 29th Piano Monster Concert 7 pm., Cedar City Heritage Center. Oct 31st Happy Halloween Hallelujah Night Festival free, put on by the Calvary Chapel, SUU Eccles Coliseum 5-8 pm.

Cedar Ridge our great local course

Newly spruced up local golf course Cedar Ridge, no more pink bathrooms! Club house looks great with it’s new remodel. More importantly the course is in tip-top shape, with improvements on course also. Affordable exercise and fun. With the “punch card”  my girl friends and I walk 9 holes early a.m. and have a lot of laughs along the way. No tee times necessary, call for tournament play. Some things have not changed Art is still there to great you early in the morning, what a great guy.

Enoch to host Festival on Saturday 9/27

The highlights are to establish its own identity as a community.

Without taxpayer expense, this festival is provided by donated funds.

Pride in community, learn the history of Iron County here.

With growth in the community, it would be fun to learn about the essence of Enoch.

Horse shoes, Duck Tape race, Dutch oven cook-off, merchants, and two bands includes Most Wanted.

Should be fun!  What: Enoch Iron Days.

When: Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Where: Enoch Elementary School, 4701 N. Wagon Wheel Drive, Enoch.

Cost: Activities are free of charge except vendor booths.




Brian Head fall activities

1st annual R’ocktoberfest on Saturday September 20th was great fun with local musicians and great, delicious German food.  A  huge variety of  micro brews from Wasatch Brewery.  Fun things to do and see for the whole family.


Looking for a pet?

Near and dear to me, I always adopt. They are great companions. Support our local shelters and not puppy mills. Cedar City Adoption and Friends of Festival Country K9s.

A little further away is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, I adopted a Boston Terrier there, he was a great dog!




Monday Real Estate Motivator

Action is Power: Tips for Getting Started

It may be true that knowledge is power, but knowledge without action is not very powerful at all. In fact, it is very common to see talent wasted because no action is taken to produce results. The following are a few tips for taking action, which is perhaps the single biggest key to success, in business and in life.

Don’t over-analyze tasks. Sure you need to think things through, but you can over-think them too. If you worry too much about getting it perfect before implementation, you can lose momentum, lose your window of opportunity, or worst of all…never do it at all.

A good strategy is to be sure your idea is ethical and legal. Then, if you think your chances of success are at least 70%, implement your idea. Successful people tend to make decisions quickly and change them slowly, where many unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change them quickly. Be a part of the first group and implement your ideas.

Break a large project in to bite-size pieces – your action steps. If a project or plan that you know will improve your business just seems too large or overwhelming, break the plan down into manageable steps. Determine what action needs to be taken first, then go ahead and do it. After all, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. And the same concept should apply for large projects.

Don’t procrastinate. Easier said than done, right? But the truth is, the longer you wait to do something, the less the chance you will ever do it. Rather than putting it on your endless list of “to-dos,” do it right away – right now if possible. You will impress your clients – they will love it! Don’t you love it when you are the customer and you get service right away? You may even impress yourself and start getting into the habit of “doing it right now.”

Believe in yourself and the power of taking action. Did you ever think of a great idea at night, only to talk yourself out of it in the morning? Worse yet, have others talked you out of it, ultimately denying you your dream? Believe in yourself…take chances…go for it. Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about the task that it becomes daunting. Don’t think about it. Go ahead and get started. Just do it!

It doesn’t matter how many great ideas you hear or see. It doesn’t matter how many great plans you come up with for yourself, your business, or your life. What matters is how many of these ideas, plans and dreams you actually put into action and make a reality. Do you have something that’s been on your to-do list for months? Do you have a great idea you’ve been kicking around? Do you know the next push you need to move forward in your career or your life? Grab it right now – don’t wait another day. Take a step, make a decision, put your plans into motion and enjoy the rewarding feeling of having taken action! Information provided by Steve Florio.