St George Real Estate

St George Real Estate

When you are coming to southern Utah there is always the question, where do I want to live? Or invest? Do I go to Cedar City, or places like Brian Head and St George. There are pros and cons to each and everyplace you choose. So when looking for St George real estate it’s nice to have a real estate agent who’s familiar with all of these things, both with real estate in St George, as well as real estate in Cedar City.

st george real estate

St George Real Estate Questions

If you’ve decided that St George is your spot, the next question quickly becomes “where in St George should I buy?”. There are many areas within the boundaries of St George, as well as the cities that lie on the outskirts such as Santa Clara, Kayenta, and Hurricane. Rest assured southern Utah is such a wonderful place that there are few ways in which you can go wrong. Be it in the rapidly growing Little Valley area of St George, or right in downtown.

The real estate market in St George has largely recovered from the down-turned market, things are selling, and some are selling very fast. Which is one huge benefit to having a St George real estate agent helping you in your search, we’re aware of which areas are selling fast and why, that way when you are putting in an offer you’ll know better whether you need to be close to the asking price, or if you might have some flexibility.

Real Estate in St George Views

The diversity of views and areas within St George contribute to this idea that there are pros and cons to every place you decide. There are incredibly dramatic views of Warner Valley, and the Pine Valley mountains from Stone Cliff, but if you’re out in the Ledges you have dare we say equally stunning views of the Red Mountain and Snow Canyon, with Pine Valley in the background. Then if you are in Santa Clara you’ll have a real homey bedroom community feel to it, especially with their beautiful tree lined streets, with carefully placed park benches that dot the street.

St George Real Estate Questions

If you’re planning on buying in St George you have questions, we have no doubt that we can get you the best information, the quickest. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll walk you through a lot of the steps, and a lot of your questions, then we’ll be in touch to help you with all of your St George real estate needs.

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Brian Head Real Estate

Brian Head Real Estate

When you are looking for real estate in Brian Head Utah whether it’s a cabin, a lot, or a condo, we can help. Brian Head with it’s new ownership is on the fast track to great things and possibilities in the future. The expansion plans, and the improvements to the resort that have gone on in just the past few years have been fantastic, with many more to come. With my help you can search the Brian Head MLS to find all of the cabins, condos, lots, and property for sale that you need. 

brian head real estate

Real Estate in Brian Head

When looking for real estate in Brian Head it helps to have a good grasp of the area, an understanding of where you really want to be, and how far your dollar can take you. There are some tremendous real estate opportunities all around the Brian Head area, as well as places not to far away such as Duck Creek and Mammoth. Opportunities for investment, leisure, and a combo of the two.

There are a number of subdivisions and sections in Brian Head, so when looking for real estate in Brian Head give us a call to help narrow down which area you really want to be in. What’s so great about the area is how accessible it is to I 15, Cedar City, and Las Vegas. In just a few hours you can be from Las Vegas to the slopes.

Brian Head Resort Real Estate

The resort itself sits at an altitude of just over 9,600 ft, and prides itself on being America’s highest little town. The resort enjoys an average of 400 inches of powder every year, 400 inches of that famous Utah powder that is the lightest fluffiest snow on earth. The views from the resort, especially from the top of Giant Steps are fantastic (read more about the Brian Head resort here).

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They have amazing summer activities including popular mountain biking trails, festivals, and parties. Their 4th of July festivities are quickly becoming one of the best events of the year in southern Utah. There are ATV trails all over the mountains and miles of them. These trails can take you from Brian Head down to Parowon, and Cedar City. There are mountain lakes and ponds littered throughout the area, so if it’s mountain fishing you’re after then getting some real estate in the Brian Head area is a must.

World Class Lodging in Brian Head

One of the oft overlooked aspects of Brian Head is how big of a draw it is for travelers. Not only is the resort itself a destination location, but complimented with the world class hotels and condo’s there is so much for people to do and see when coming to visit Brian Head. Which only adds to the value of owning real estate in Brian Head, as a popular vacation destination it means the opportunities for growth is tremendous.

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