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10 Questions to Ask Your Realtor

Purchasing a home is the most important, and expensive, decision of many people’s lives. There is a great deal of doubt and uncertainty that goes along with such a huge decision. To help curb those uneasy feelings, it’s a good idea to find a real estate agent that you trust. Whether you already have a […]

Top 5 Mistakes Home Sellers Make

When it comes to selling a home, most can get a little emotional. It’s no wonder though! Most people have lived in their homes for a decade or more, making memories that you can’t put a price on. Although a home may seem more valuable to the owner who is trying to sell it, there […]

Bathroom Remodel – Does it Add Huge Value to Your Home?

Are you considering adding a bathroom to your Cedar City home? This could be a good idea if you can afford the upwards cost of about $50,000. Although according to the National Association Of Realtors “2015 Remodeling Impact Report”, a bathroom addition will only recover about 52% of your initial investment.


Searching For Real Estate Online

How convenient is life these days. Everything seems to be just a click of a button away, including new homes! That’s right. You can now find a home by surfing the web and using specific tools on the internet to help your search go smoothly. Searching for real estate online is a fact of life, […]

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To Buy or Build in Cedar City

A home is usually one of the largest, if not the largest investment a person will make. We’ll spend a lot of time designing the “dream house”. Every buyer usually has two lists when looking for a home, deal breakers, and wish lists. Deal breakers are aspects of a home that are must have’s, you […]

Finding the Best Cedar City Homes For Sale

It’s a fantastic time to be living in southern Utah! The weathers starting to cool down, and soon the leaves will start changing color. So if you’re trying to find the best home in Cedar City for sale, it couldn’t be a better time to look. There are still good deals out there if you know […]